May Meeting

Gardening on Slopes and Hillsides

Susan JasanHorticulturist and Landscape Architect

Thursday, May 16, at 7 pm

Kingsport Higher Education Center, 300 West Market Street, Kingsport TN

Many gardeners in our region are faced with the conundrum of planting on sloping ground. Jasan will address the joys and chal- lenges of gardening on a slope, outlining some of the pluses as well as the pitfalls and offering some creative landscaping solutions.Susan Jasan began creating distinctive landscapes upon graduating with a MS in Horticulture-Urban & Residential Design. Landscape Creations LLC, the firm she founded in 1998 in Rogers, Arkansas, is known for offering a holistic approach to design going beyond the
site itself and considering the environment within which they are shaping the design. She
has earned a reputation for attention to detail and creative problem solving. In 2011, Susan received a Merit Award in residential design from the Arkansas Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture. In 2014, she completed the requirements in the State of Arkansas for licensure as a professional Landscape Architect. Jasan also received Certification from the Chicago Botanical Garden for Healing and Health Care Landscape Design. She is a frequent contributor to gardening magazines as well as a speaker on various landscape topics. She has served as a board member on many local philanthrophic organizations as well as state-wide professional organizations during her 35 years as a resident of Northwest Arkansas. She retired from active landscape architecture practice last year. for more about Jasan and her work.


We are offering to members a few recommendations for anyone interested in garden tours and travel both within the United States and Overseas.  Members have travelled with each of these groups and feel confident in suggesting them to you.

Feel free to contact them and ask to be added to their contact list in order to be informed when they have trips available.  You may also want to google them for more information, as some have websites and/or Facebook pages.  Garden Tours and Travel  Troy will be announcing his 2019 tours on

August 1.  He has already posted a few hints on his Facebook page.

Ron and Linda Williams  [email protected]  or call them at 417-408-3880.

Dr. McDuffie, retired professor from Virginia Tech  He has already posted all his 2019 tours.  Take a look!

Jason Reeves, Horticulturist at UT Gardens in Jackson, TN .  Email him and ask to be added to his announcement list when he schedules a tour. [email protected]

Dr. Sue Hamilton, Director of UT Gardens in Knoxville schedules garden tours almost every year.  Ask her to add you to the announcement list.  The announcements can usually be found on the UT Gardens Facebook and email announcements.  [email protected]

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